Portable Wireless Speaker Systems

Handcrafted in the United States.

About the Creators

DiamondBoxx was established in 2014 by two Electrical Engineers, with multiple US
Patents in the audio field. Anthony D'Amore and Juan Rodriguez LOVE music and sound reproduction. 

Tired of all the plastic, low fidelity, distorted wireless speakers with
terrible sound quality? How about no bass, insufficient power, and terrible customer reviews?

At DiamondBoxx we pride oursevles in offering nothing but THE BEST! Our owners set out to build a wireless speaker with big power, clarity, and punch. Their first product, the DiamondBoxx Model L which was released in 2014. Since that time, they have released 10 other units with many more to come. Our DiamondBoxx family is now over 32k deep and growing every day. We would love to have you as well and promise to value you, just as much as we value them.    

For more info, please send a message to info@diamondboxx.com.

We are in the office:

Monday - Friday 9AM - 5:30 PM MST.

Meet Our Team