So I always knew DiamondBoxx was a power house! When I got mine I cranked it up half way and even at 50percent it destroys every boombox system I’ve ever owned! I currently own about 28 Boomboxes and my XL2 is the KING! I can’t wait to share it with the world when Covid-19 finally goes away.

Stryder - HipHopTrooper

I absolutely love the sound of this beast. The look, the sound, the quality, this Diamondboxx is definitely a Diamond.

Egyptian Lover

Shouts to our friends over @diamondboxx that XL 2 📻 suitcase is right for that #2livecrew booty bass 🔊 music. Once you have experience it you will be wanting the whole collection. It's #2livecrew 🔊 approved


The audiophile's choice for walking around sound, the DiamondBoxx M3 is surprisingly svelte 11 pounds.  The heavy duty enclosure is handbuilt with MDF- the type of engineered wood used in professional speaker cabinets- and lacquered with a matte black all-weather coating.  The M3's anodized aluminum  face sports a pair of 4.3 inch cone woofers and a 25 mm titanum dome tweeters- each driven by its own amp, totaling 400 watts.  As for the diamond in the name, its actually a 2 ct cubic zirconia embedded in the face, which changes color to reflect its battery life.  If the 20-hour of pulsing sound the M3 offers isn't enough to power your roving party, thare's an available 40-hour upgrade.

Matthew Kronsberg @ The Wall Street Journal
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About Us

DiamondBoxx was established in 2014 by two electronics engineers with several US Patents and decades of experience designing audio equipment who love music.  Tired of all of the plastic low fidelity wireless speakers with terrible sound quality, no bass and not enough power, they set out to build a wireless speaker with big power, clarity and punch.  Their first product, the DiamondBoxx Model L was the result.  Our DiamondBoxx family is now over ten thousand deep and we would love to have you just as much as we do our very first customer.    

For more info please send a message to the contacts listed below.  We are in the office Monday - Friday 9AM - 4:30 PM PST.


Co-Founder, audio industry veteran and patented inventor.   Anthony studied Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University after retiring from the automotive industry where he was a master technician and post-secondary instructor.  His hobbies include playing with cars, Zwifting, and sharing his knowledge of audio electronics with whoever wants to listen. After his 2nd cup of coffee he designs amplifiers and audio related electronics for another brand he co-founded, D'Amore Engineering


Juan worked as a functional test technician for many years. First as a tester of flight simulators for a government contractor, later moving on to terrain safety systems for commercial helicopters.  Experience that embedded the belief of pride and quality in every aspect of product development and testing. Patented Inventor of the DD-1 handheld distortion detector.  When not deep in the lab in front of his giant computer screen he is out with family enjoying life and reading about one of many of his topics of interest.