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Automatic 14-Day Risk Free Trial

    Add Big Wireless Bass To Anything With An Output Jack  

    Or Bluetooth connect to the SUB8.2 and feed high passed audio from SUB8.2's high pass output jack into your speaker's input jack!  This adds bass and makes your existing Bluetooth speaker much louder by alleviating it from playing hard to reproduce bass sounds.

    Battery powered no electricity needed.  
    Put together along with a 200 Watt RMS (400W Max)Class A/B high fidelity 4 channel amplifier with user adjustable active crossovers for the best sound possible in the lightest package with the longest battery life. 

    With its massive aluminum front panel serving as the amplifier's heatsink, it is made to play FULL BLAST all day on a hot day without skipping a beat.

    The Specifications 
    Portable Subwoofer Accessorize 28 x 15 x 13 inches 
    Bluetooth Bluetooth aptX HD  
    Woofers 2 x 8.5 inch DVC
    Amplifier Power 200 Watts RMS , Max 400W 
    Infrasonic Filter 24dB/octave @28Hz 
    High Pass Out Jack 80Hz - 20kHz @ -3dB 12dB/octave 
    Frequency Response 32Hz - 180Hz  @ -3dB 
    Peak SPL 122 dB @ 1 meter 
    Weight 38 lbs 

    Battery Info
    Internal Battery Lithium Ion 231 Wh, protected
    Max Voltage 16.8V 
    Play time on full charge 6 to 30 hours  
    Battery Life Over 1000 recharge cycles 
    Time to fully recharge About 8 hours   

    Included Items 
    DiamondBoxx Model SUB8.2 
    Lithium Ion Battery Charger 
    3.5 mm stereo audio cable 
    User manual 
    The Fun 
    SUB8.2 User Manual

    Proudly Made in USA   

    angled front view of SUB8.2 black with blue knobs
    front view of SUB8.2 black with blue knobs
    angled front view of SUB8.2 black with blue knobs and red,black,gold replacement knobs displayed in front of speaker
    zoomed in view of diamondboxx logo and power button on the front of black SUB8.2 with blue knobs
    angled front view of SUB8.2 black with blue knobs and rubber feet
    side view of SUB8.2 with rubber feet
    Rear panel with charging port and input/output cable ports
    side view of b-stock SUB8.2 with handle


    Great clarity, strong bass. sleek design good weight.

    710 FUNK PLAYER 

    This XL2 speaker is so good that right after I bought my first one, I purchased another. I also purchased the sub8.2 to go along with the XL2. Best speakers ever!! Don't hesitate! These speakers are not just another
    purchase but an actual investment. I truly believe I could resell my setup
    for more than what I bought it for!

    Paul G

    Seems to be a great product so far. Diamond box never disappoints.

    Russell Sudbury

    Sound is A ++! My brother bought one a while back and I knew I had to get one.

    Rigo Guijosa

    Amazing output and sound quality for the price, can't beat it!

    Steven Robbin

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Line output

    Only issue with mine was line outputs do not properly work leaving the Bluetooth part of it useless, I have to use a splitter with main speaker to line in. Contacted customer service, but I also don't want to send it back and forth.

    Do not buy until they guarantee shipment

    It's been 3 months since I've ordered this sub and customer service keeps giving me the run around. "Oh the chips are not here, supply chain, blah blah blah" yet they keep offering sales on a sub that they can not deliver. Be very careful with your purchase. Until I get what I paid for, I no longer consider this company trustworthy.

    As far as I know, this is a total scam. They tried to placate me with a "free" mini speaker, which I appreciate, however that doesn't come close to compensating me for the money and time that I've wasted on this company.


    Amazing quality 5 stars


    Outputs for high pass and full don't work properly


    Definitely worth it..extra 🔊 bass