B-Stock Model XL2 1000 Watts
B-Stock Model XL2 1000 Watts
B-Stock Model XL2 1000 Watts
B-Stock Model XL2 1000 Watts
B-Stock Model XL2 1000 Watts
B-Stock Model XL2 1000 Watts
B-Stock Model XL2 1000 Watts
B-Stock Model XL2 1000 Watts
B-Stock Model XL2 1000 Watts
B-Stock Model XL2 1000 Watts
B-Stock Model XL2 1000 Watts
B-Stock Model XL2 1000 Watts

B-Stock Model XL2 1000 Watts

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Do you want LOUD and SOUNDS GOOD?   Most speakers on the market can only do one of those things.  The DiamondBoxx XL2 does BOTH!  The BIGGEST BASS of any portable bluetooth speaker hands down.  More bass than several of the competitors biggest models played at the same time.  The low end extends all the way down to 35 Hertz for bass you can feel.

  • Best Sounding Battery Powered Speaker.  Over 121 dB output! Wirelessly link an another Model XL2 to form a left and right stereo pair at over 127dB!
  • 12 amplifiers @ 83 Watts each! 
  • 1000 Watts Total Max Power
  • 6 Subwoofers / Mid-Woofers (More bass than two 10 inch woofers, and better sounding)
  • 8 high output tweeters 
  • CD Quality Audio playback via wireless Qualcomm aptX HD Bluetooth or wired 3.5mm jack connection
  • True 2.1 Stereo Sound, from a single unit or multiple units WITH or WITHOUT wires
  • Frequency Response 35Hz - 22,000Hz +/- 3dB 
  • Neodymium magnets on all 14 speakers for high performance and light weight (compared to the iron magnets our competitors use)
  • Sound Quality or Sound Pressure Mode to suit the requirement of the venue
  • 24 cell or 48 cell newest generation Li-ion battery pack (same cells used in Tesla cars) recharges over 1000 times, plays for 3-25 hours or 6-50 hours
  • DuraTex™ finish to withstand all conditions
  • Hand made in the USA with quality materials using Aluminum, Titanium, Wood and Leather
  • Connects to: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPod, tablet, laptop, desktop, game system, projector, tv....basically anything with Bluetooth or a headphone jack
  • RGB LED backlit 2 carat CZ Diamond changes colors to show battery level
  • White LED output meters / battery level meter (on boot up)
  • Wired linking system allows one DiamondBoxx to control up to 100 others and works with wireless linking system to create a massive speaker array loud enough for a concert  for thousands of people. 

Technical Specifications -

    Amplifier -

    Audiophile Class A/B (Much better sound quality than Class D used by almost all competitors)  

    Bi-Amplifed in SPL Mode, Tri-Amplified in SQ mode!  12 separate amplifiers!

    Total MAX amplifier output power is 1000 Watts

    Total continuous sinewave output amplifier power is 660 Watts RMS

    Optical analog audio limiters to prevent distortion at any volume level

    Active 2nd order crossovers set to 2.5kHz for woofer low pass and tweeter high pass

    Active 3rd order subsonic (infrasonic) filter at 32Hz

    Designed to use very little power at low volumes for long battery life and conservation

    The entire 190 mil aluminum front panel of the DiamondBoxx is the amplifier's heatsink so it will never overheat, even when playing full volume for hours.

    Meter with 10 White LEDs displays battery level in 10% increments when DiamondBoxx is turned on, then becomes stereo VU peak meter with 6dB increments.  Also used for True Wireless Stereo indication (TWS)

    2 carat (8mm) CZ Diamond backlit with LED indicates battery level while DiamondBoxx is playing music.  White Diamond = Good,  Red Diamond = Charge soon

    3.5mm AUX input on front panel to plug in audio from: iPhone/iPad/iPod (all generations), any other phone with a headphone jack, Tablet, TV,

    XBOX, PlayStation, Wii, other gaming, laptop, PC, MAC, Projector, just about anything

    2.1Amp (10 watt)  USB charge port on front panel to charge mobile devices (any phone or tablet) 

    aptX HD  Bluetooth 4.2 with True Wireless Stereo  -- Range up to 50 feet line of sight


    Speakers -

    Six 5.5 inch (150mm) active woofers, aluminum cones, rubber surround, neodymium magnets, low 3 ohm impedance, steel integrated grilles 

    Eight 1 inch (25mm) high output titanium dome tweeters, liquid cooled voice coils, neodymium magnet with heatsink, low 3 ohm impedance, steel integrated grilles

    Two 3 inch (76mm) Helmholtz resonators, tuned to 42 Hz


    Enclosure -

    500 mil thick MDF enclosure with bracing for improved bass (MDF wood provides great sound quality, much better than plastic)

    190 mil thick 6061 aircraft grade aluminum front panel, anodized and laser etched with aluminum bracing for improved bass

    Leather pro audio handle, feels great, folds flat.  Rated for 220 lbs

    Sealed with and finished in DuraTex™

    Finished Dimensions  28 x 19  x 11.2 inches  (with feet and handle)

    Total Weight approx 41 - 43 lbs depending on battery option (18 - 19 kg), 

    Shipping Dimensions 32 x 24 x 16 inches

    Shipping Weight 48 - 50 lbs


    Rear Panel -

    125 mil thick 6061 aircraft grade aluminum rear panel, hard black anodized and laser etched. Jacks for battery charger and input/output loop for linking multiple DiamondBoxxes


    Battery and Charger -

    231 Watt hour or 462 Watt hour latest generation lithium-ion power cell will power the DiamondBoxx up to 25 or 50 hours.  3 or 6 hours at MAX volume (too loud to stand next to for 3 or 6 hours) depending on mode, volume, and music genre.  

    7 Amp voltage and current regulated charger, charges a totally dead DiamondBoxx XL in 3 (231 battery) or 6 hours (462 battery)

    Can be used while charger is plugged in

    Battery can be fully charged and discharged well over 1000 times (6 years if fully discharged and charged every other day), still keeping 80% of its capacity after this


    Warranty -

    2 years against all defects in materials, electronics, battery, charger, and workmanship.