Bluetooth Boombox

Do you want LOUD and SOUNDS GOOD? 

Most speakers on the market can only do one of those things. Our Diamondboxx Classic Series can do BOTH!   

The Diamond Box XL2 has more low bass output than any portable Bluetooth speaker hands down.  More bass than several of the competitors' biggest models played at the same time.  The low end extends all the way down to 35 Hertz for bass you can feel.

The DiamondBoxx Model M3 is for those who want the best sound in a highly portable package. Crystal clear highs, live vocals and punchy bass.  Very portable, no power needed.  Fits in overhead compartment on an airplane and is compliant with regulations for lithium batteries. 

The Diamondboxx L3 has more low bass than the M3 but also have the treble and bass buttons like the M3.  It falls between the two other units with size, power and sound.  A perfect addition for your DIamondBoxx collection.   

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