Production Status

Each of our DiamondBoxx Model M, L & XL series units is hand built.  The wood boxes arrive unfinished from a factory in AZ, they are then sanded and coated with Duratex, holes drilled, feet and handles attached, batteries attached.  While this is happening, the front and back panels (from a machine shop here in California) are being lasered, diamonds attached, boards and wired being soldered, speakers being programmed and more.   Once the units are completed, they are tested for sound quality.  They are then carefully packaged and shipped to you.  We ship units in the same order that we receive your orders. 


Please note that due to these being handmade, timing is unknown, sometimes we complete 20 in a day, other days only 4 or 5.  Additionally we receive parts from many different manufacturers (including some parts from China as we’ve yet to find a supplier for them in the USA).   While orders with our vendors are placed in advance, deliveries have been greatly delayed this year due to COVID19.  FedEx no longer guarantees overnight, and regular shipments are taking close to double the normal time.    

We ourselves were closed during business shutdowns, but have been up and running for a month now.  

Once your unit is ready for final testing we will print a shipping label to bring to the production floor.  At this point you will receive a tracking number.  In most cases your unit will ship within 48 hours of the label being generated.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.  We believe that the wait will be worth it and that you will enjoy your DiamondBoxx for years to come.


  • Model M3 currently in production estimated ship date July 20
  • Model L3 in final design stages & testing, estimated ship date Fall 2020
  • Model Xl2 currently in production, shipping starting July 10
  • PA15 currently in stock
  • PA10 estimated release date July 27, 2020


  • MEETPA10 - $100 off any PA10 package (exp 8-15-20)
  • L3$200off - $200 of model L3 (exp 7-31-20)
  • JULY4th - 2PA15s + a set of speaker stands for only $4999 (exp 7-6-20)