Q&A DiamondBoxx Speakers

We have tried to answer some of the most common questions we receive.  

Can you connect the Speakers?

This can be done wirelessly of with a stereo ¼” jack or through TWS (True Wireless Stereo) which allows for stereo separation

Can M3 - XL2 - PA15 talk to each other

They can all be “daisy Chained” connected via cable.  

What type of Bluetooth do you use?

We use a 4.2 with TWS, AptX HD and low latency AptX HD.

We’ve tested 5.0 and it doesn’t offer any improvement in sound quality and it reduced range so we are staying with 4.2 until something better comes along.

Can I play and charge at the same time?

Yes, on all our models you are able to simultaneously listen to music while it is charging. 

Is it normal for the charger or front panel to get really hot?

This is normal, both the charger and front panel can get very hot.


  • The PA15 is only 110
  • The M3 and XL2 are 110/220

Can I connect to a Record Player

For any of our speakers it is required to have a phono preamp to plug in a record player. The exception is is the record player has line out instead of a raw phono output.  We are happy to help you decipher the type you have.