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Trouble Shooting


Under Settings go to Music

  1. Volume – drag slider
  2. Volume Limit  - TURN VOLUME LIMIT OFF
  3. EQ  - Late Night, Bass Boost or Loudness options will boost the volume
  4. Sound Check – this should be turned off (you do not want normalize the volume level)

There may be additional volume limiters on specific music apps as well. 

Why does my volume lower, even though I haven't adjusted it?

If you are streaming through SPOTIFY
  • Click on the GEAR icon
  • Playback Option
  • Turn OFF "enable audio normalization"



  1.  Switch DiamondBoxx off
  2.  Delete the devices listed in the phone’s Bluetooth list.  
  3.  Ensure phone’s Bluetooth is enabled 
  4.  On DiamondBoxx, rotate volume knob to 1/2 way up
  5.  With phone near DiamondBoxx, switch DiamondBoxx power on.  No bleeping sounds should come from DiamondBoxx. If it does this means another device somewhere in the area is connected to the DiamondBoxx.  Find that device and kill it.  Then go back to step 1.
  6.  Make sure diamond indicator turns white, if not charge battery and go back to step 1 once charged.
  7.  DiamondBoxx should appear on the phone's Bluetooth list as an available device 
  8.  Select DiamondBoxx on the phones list.  
  9.  Listen for connection confirmation bleep from DiamondBoxx. 
  10.  Play some music!
  11.  Check the “volume limit” settings in your phones settings for the music player. 
  12.  Now really experience what your DiamondBoxx was built for - great sounding loud music 

 For SAMSUNG phones

  1. Toggle Airplane mode
  2. Try other Bluetooth Devices
  3. Clear Cache and Data of Bluetooth
  4. Remove the app from Sleeping apps
  5. Adjust the Bluetooth AVRCP Version
  6. Update the Software
  7. Reset Network Settings



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