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Knob Replacement

In Stock Ships within 48 hours

Color – Black

Automatic 14-Day Risk Free Trial

    Choose your color then choose your quantity. 

    Knob Replacements are for any and all of our Boombox Speakers. 

    Select your preferred color knob and quantity. 

    Mix and match however you would like.  

    Returns are not accepted for knobs for any reason. 

    *** Picture below shows an XL3, not all speakers need 7 knobs, Choose your correct quantity below.

    single black knob
    single purple knob
    Single red knob
    single green knob
    single blue knob
    single silver knob
    single gold knob
    Row of 7 black knobs
    Row of 7 purple knobs
    Row of 7 red knobs
    Row of 7 Green knobs
    Row of 7 blue knobs
    Row of 7 silver knobs
    Row of 7 gold knobs


    Great clarity, strong bass. sleek design good weight.

    710 FUNK PLAYER 

    This XL2 speaker is so good that right after I bought my first one, I purchased another. I also purchased the sub8.2 to go along with the XL2. Best speakers ever!! Don't hesitate! These speakers are not just another
    purchase but an actual investment. I truly believe I could resell my setup
    for more than what I bought it for!

    Paul G

    Seems to be a great product so far. Diamond box never disappoints.

    Russell Sudbury

    Sound is A ++! My brother bought one a while back and I knew I had to get one.

    Rigo Guijosa

    Amazing output and sound quality for the price, can't beat it!

    Steven Robbin