PA15 Battery Powered DJ 15 inch 3 way Speaker (Ships Immediately)

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Please note that new PA15s (2021+) are not Bluetooth compatible with the old versions of the PA15 (2020) for TWS use.

Since 2014 DiamondBoxx has built a reputation for producing high quality portable wireless speaker systems. Our focus has been on very high quality sound, low bass extension and portability. Now, to meet the demand for something louder, with a focus on DJ / PA, karaoke, and battery powered guitar or instrument amplifier, we introduce our newest family member. Meet the PA15

Introducing the new DiamondBoxx PA15 Pro / DJ Speaker. Be the Loudest, be feature packed, and do it at a great price - these were our top design priorities. The PA15 hits the target and then some, but we also made it sound good and built it to last.