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DB Pro Neo 18 Subwoofer

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    Pre-order- Expected to ship end of July-2023. 

    Because our customer base said "we want more" and our founders can see where these speakers would have been useful at a few of the college parties they hosted,  DiamondBoxx introduces the DB Pro Extreme Output series. 

    Analogous to taking a race car off the track, putting a horn and rear view mirror on it and calling it "street legal", we took concert speakers and combined them with DiamondBoxx wireless technologies.  

    Note:  This is a passive speaker that requires an amplifier to be used. A low pass crossover with frequency of 60-100Hz is recommended.

    The DB Pro Neo 18 Subwoofer contains an 18" high power professional long throw woofer with a beautiful and massive Neodymium motor. This Neo motor saves 15lbs from a traditional iron magnet motor.  This helps a bunch when it comes to portability. 

    The Neo Array is designed to fly above the DB Pro Neo 18 Subwoofer on a mounting pole. When used together this provides full range sound from 33Hz - 20kHz @+/- 3db with thunderous output. 

    DB Pro 18 Subwoofer maximum output is 132 dB @ 1 meter.  When two are used either as a stereo pair with a pair of Neo Array or just two subwoofers maximum output is increased to a jet engine at take off type levels of 138 dB!!

    This system is LOUD and sounds absolutely wonderful doing it. 

    This is what it is made for.  

    Frequency Response 33Hz - 120kHz @ +/-3dB
    Maximum output in mono config with DB Pro Neo 18 Sub = 132dB @ 1 meter
    Maximum output in stereo config with a pair of DB Pro Neo 18 Subs = 138dB @ 1 meter

    Product Dimensions: 
    21" x 21" X 24"

    Shipping Dimensions:

    Caution: These speakers can play music at extreme volume levels that may be damaging to hearing if listened to at high levels for extended periods.  Please use them responsibly!


    DB Pro Neo 18 Subwoofer
    DB Pro Neo 18 Subwoofer