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TWS PA Combo

Automatic 14-Day Risk Free Trial

    Package Deal includes:

    TWO PA10's

    TWO PASUB15's

    TWO Tri-Pod (Not sold online-Only available for package deal $98 value) 

    TWO Connecting Cable - 3.5mm Stereo Male to Dual RCA Male Cable 6'

    Total package value $1999

    The Battery Powered 15 inch Subwoofer

    Quite possibly the only solution to have real BASS anywhere!  Even if there is no electricity nearby.  That's right, this subwoofer runs on battery power for hours of partying anywhere. 

    The PASUB15 contains a pro-audio 15-inch woofer along with a powerful 300W RMS (600W max).  Class D power amplifier with user adjustable active crossover for the seamless integration with your other speakers.

    Dimensions:   23" H x 16.7" W x 19" D
    Weight: 59 lbs
    Subwoofer: 15" pro audio subwoofer with 3" coil
    Amplifier: 300W RMS, 600W Max
    Frequency Response: 35Hz-150Hz @-3dB
    Battery: 12V 40Ah SLA
    Infrasonic Filter: 12dB/octave @ 30Hz
    Crossover: 12dB/octave @50-150Hz

    The PASUB15 is a portable, wireless, DJ/Party subwoofer!  It is the perfect companion to our PA10 or PA15 speakers, or with other brands of wireless speakers that lack bass. That’s right, a battery-powered subwoofer!!  The PASUB15 will add that low-frequency bass that is missing from your full-range speakers, filling a room with clean low bass down to 35Hz.  It’s 59 pounds with its big SLA battery, 15-inch subwoofer, and 300 Watts RMS amplifier.  It does have wheels with locks so it can be rolled into place.  It also has a standard-size pole mount cup on the top so it can be used as a stand for our PA10 or PA15 full-range speakers.  (stand not included)  The audio input sources are: ¼” TRS, RCA jacks, or 3.5mm stereo jack.  It has an adjustable low pass crossover, gain, and a 0/180 degree phase switch so it can blend in with any other full-range speaker perfectly. The battery is big enough to play very loud for 3 hours before needing to recharge.  The PASUB15 can recharge while it plays. 

    For shipping outside the 48 contiguous states + DC, please email a request.  Due to the size and weight, shipping has to be entered manually.  

    The PA10 is a portable, wireless, DJ/Party speaker. 

    Battery Powered 10 inch 3 way Speaker

    It’s 32 pounds with its big SLA battery, 10-inch woofer separate 6” midrange driver, a dedicated tweeter, and 100 Watts RMS amplifier.

    For this reason, it has wheels and a handle to pull it wherever you need it.  It also has a standard-size pole mount cup on the bottom so it can be flown from a tripod or on a pole atop another speaker (handy when used with our PASUB15 15” subwoofer add-on).  

    The audio input sources are: Bluetooth, FM radio, Microphone ¼”, music instrument ¼”, RCA jacks, or included wireless microphones.  It also has RCA output jacks for connecting the aforementioned PASUB15 Subwoofer. 

    The PA10 has a built-in mixer for the inputs and microphones complete with some effects (echo, delay, bass, treble).  The PA10 also has built-in TWS (True Wireless Stereo) so you can stream Bluetooth audio to one PA10, and then add another PA10 completely wirelessly. 

    They will link and form a dedicated Left and Right stereo speaker set for immersive stereo sound.  The battery is big enough to play very loud for 4 hours before needing to recharge.  The PA10 can recharge while it plays. 

    Type: Active portable speaker

    Speaker Size: 21.3 x 12.2 x 12.8 inches Material of Speaker: Wooden case + Steel grille Tweeter: 3" Cone
    Mid Range: 5" Cone
    Woofer: 10" Folded Surround
    Frequency Response: 50Hz - 18KHz
    RMS Power: 100W
    Built-in Battery: 12V/9Ah SLA battery

    Play Time on Full Charge: 5-40 hours Battery Life: Over
    2,000 recharge cycles
    Audio input: Bluetooth, FM, USB/SD/TF card, Aux in , Microphone input 2, Guitar input
    Features: TWS function, Aux output (RCA), 9, microphone priority, etc.
    Power Supply: 110V-240V, 50/60Hz


    Returns are accepted within 14 days of receipt of product. Product must be returned in NEW condition.  Customer is responsible for shipping charges and insurance in sending the product to DiamondBoxx.

    TWS PA Combo
    TWS PA Combo
    TWS PA Combo
    TWS PA Combo
    TWS PA Combo
    TWS PA Combo
    TWS PA Combo
    TWS PA Combo
    TWS PA Combo
    TWS PA Combo
    TWS PA Combo
    TWS PA Combo
    TWS PA Combo
    TWS PA Combo


    Great clarity, strong bass. sleek design good weight.

    710 FUNK PLAYER 

    This XL2 speaker is so good that right after I bought my first one, I purchased another. I also purchased the sub8.2 to go along with the XL2. Best speakers ever!! Don't hesitate! These speakers are not just another
    purchase but an actual investment. I truly believe I could resell my setup
    for more than what I bought it for!

    Paul G

    Seems to be a great product so far. Diamond box never disappoints.

    Russell Sudbury

    Sound is A ++! My brother bought one a while back and I knew I had to get one.

    Rigo Guijosa

    Amazing output and sound quality for the price, can't beat it!

    Steven Robbin