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Aluminum Color Black Anodized
Battery Size 231Wh
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Loud Clear Wireless Sound Anywhere You Need It

Our most popular model, loud clear sound with huge bass in a more portable package size than our XL3

Wireless True Stereo Sound.  Dual 8.5" DVC woofers and 4" bass port for bass you can feel as well as hear.  120dB loud. Anywhere, anytime, no electricity needed.

6-20 hours of music on a single charge

With its built-in 6 channel Class A/B hi-fi 300 Watt RMS (600W Max) amplifier in a tri-amped arrangement with active crossovers it provides the best sound possible in the lightest package with the longest battery life. 

With its massive aluminum front panel serving as the amplifier's heatsink, it is made to play FULL BLAST all day on a hot day without skipping a beat.

The L3 is the biggest bang for the buck.  But don't take our word for it, check out this review by Flossy Carter

The Specifications 

Size- 23 x 14.5 x 9.5 inches 

Bluetooth- Bluetooth 5.1 aptX HD  

Woofers- Dual 8.5 inch Aluminum Cone 

Tweeters- 1 inch Titanium Dome 

Amplifier Power- 300 Watts RMS , Max 600W 

Frequency Response- 38Hz - 22kHz  @+/ -3dB 

Peak SPL 120dB @ 1 meter 

Weight- 32lbs 

Internal Battery- Lithium Ion 231 Wh, protected

Max Voltage- 16.8V 

Battery Life- Over 1000 recharge cycles 

Time to fully recharge- About 8 hours  


Included Items 

DiamondBoxx Model L3 

Lithium Ion Battery Charger 

3.5 mm stereo audio cable 

User manual 

The Fun 

Proudly Made in USA   


Returns are accepted within 14 days of receipt of product. Product must be returned in NEW condition.  Customer is responsible for shipping charges and insurance in sending the product to DiamondBoxx.

L3 User Manual

Free Shipping in Cont. US
Made Eco Friendly
Loud Clear Undistorted
Full Spectrum Stereo Sound


Customer Reviews

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It’s booming and great

DiamondBoxx L3

I have experience in performance stereos currently own a Cerwin Vega cxa-10 amp with a pair of Cerwin Vega XLS 215's. As far as portable I have monster blaster and JBL party box 110. Compared the Diamondboxx L3 is not as loud as the Cerwin home stereo, but the sound quality is very comparable. Understanding this is one of the loudest Bluetooth speakers that I have heard. The L3 is in fact the best sounding truly portable speaker I have ever experienced. Bought mine on sale in a very nice Merlin color, and trust me when I say you will not be disappointed in the sound and build quality of this speaker. Now I want the X3 or a pair of L3's. LOL

Robert Slaughter
Diamondboxx L3

Diamondboxx is the best quality product period!! Best on the Market Sound and Quality!!!

Francisco Marquez



Sounds great