Congratulations on your purchase of the highest performance portable Bluetooth speaker / amplifier system available. Our design goal was to build something that could be heard over a noisy gathering or environment while sounding great. As well as being completely portable, without need for nearby electricity. We used the highest quality materials for each intended purpose.

Wood - Aluminum - Titanium - Lithium - Leather - Neodymium

Your DiamondBoxx was hand-built and cared for properly should provide you with years of listening pleasure.

Ok! Let's Play!

DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR PACKAGING IT IS REQUIRED IN CASE OF RETURN FOR WARRANTY ISSUES OR REFUND. If it’s too bulky, cut the tape on the bottom and fold it flat. Store foam endcaps next to it.


When you first power up the DiamondBoxx the White LED indicators under the DiamondBoxx logo will illuminate as a bar graph showing the % of battery charge. After a full recharge, the DiamondBoxx Model L3 will play up to 40 hours depending on volume level (around 8 hours max volume) and music type.

Charging is accomplished by plugging in the supplied charger to the rear panel. DiamondBoxx CAN BE played while charging.

If the LED on the charger is RED it is Charging.

When it turns GREEN the DiamondBoxx is fully charged. If playing while charging, the charger LED might not ever turn green or might blink red to the beat of the music, this is normal.

The battery can be charged at any time, with the DiamondBoxx playing music or not.

Remember to check the battery level just switch the DiamondBoxx Power Switch OFF and then back ON to reboot and display charge level on the White LED bar graph display.