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SUB8.2 200 Watts RMS Dual 8.5 inch DVC subwoofers

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Aluminum Color Panda (White Powder-coated panel)
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Add Big Wireless Bass To Anything With An Output Jack  

Or Bluetooth connect to the SUB8.2 and feed high passed audio from SUB8.2's high pass output jack into your speaker's input jack!  This adds bass and makes your existing Bluetooth speaker much louder by alleviating it from playing hard to reproduce bass sounds.

Battery powered no electricity needed.  
Put together along with a 200 Watt RMS (400W Max)Class A/B high fidelity 4 channel amplifier with user adjustable active crossovers for the best sound possible in the lightest package with the longest battery life. 

With its massive aluminum front panel serving as the amplifier's heatsink, it is made to play FULL BLAST all day on a hot day without skipping a beat.

The Specifications 
Portable Subwoofer Accessorize 28 x 15 x 13 inches 
Bluetooth Bluetooth aptX HD  
Woofers 2 x 8.5 inch DVC
Amplifier Power 200 Watts RMS , Max 400W 
Infrasonic Filter 24dB/octave @28Hz 
High Pass Out Jack 80Hz - 20kHz @ -3dB 12dB/octave 
Frequency Response 32Hz - 180Hz  @ -3dB 
Peak SPL 122 dB @ 1 meter 
Weight 38 lbs 

Battery Info
Internal Battery Lithium Ion 231 Wh, protected
Max Voltage 16.8V 
Play time on full charge 6 to 30 hours  
Battery Life Over 1000 recharge cycles 
Time to fully recharge with 4A charger 4 hours   

Included Items 
DiamondBoxx Model SUB8.2 
Lithium Ion Battery Charger 
3.5 mm stereo audio cable 
User manual 
The Fun 

SUB8.2 User Manual

Proudly Made in USA   

Deep, Real Bass
Made Eco Friendly
Loud Clear Undistorted
Full Spectrum Stereo Sound


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
timothy eason

have not receive it yet?

Randall Rauch

SUB8.2 200 Watts RMS Dual 8.5 inch DVC subwoofers

Parris Lucas
5 Star speaker

Great tight bass. And im looking forward to the XX4.

Eli J
Perfect balance of sound

I paired this with my M3 speaker and they compliment each other perfectly. Love the control of bass that the sub8.2 offers. When it arrived it came very well packaged, it was double boxed and it was very well insulated. Highly recommend.

jesus millan
Extra thump

Really good bass now my speakers literally shakes the room.