Q&A DiamondBoxx PA Series

Commonly asked questions

Charging Info

  • On the PA15 the low battery light will come on when the battery is almost drained.
  • The charge light will be RED while charging (yes, you can charge and play at the same time)
  • The charge light will turn GREEN once fully charged.  
  • The PA15 will disconnect once charged so there is no problem with leaving it plugged in.
  • It will take approximately 8 hours to fully charge the battery
  • The microphone back light will start flashing when the microphone batteries are low.

TWS Set-up

  • Turn both units on 
  • Push MODE button until it says BLUE
  • Bluetooth Icon will be blinking on both screens
  • Press TWS on the one that will become the left channel (also the primary)
  • WAIT 10 seconds for the right speaker to say Bluetooth connected
  • Next go on your wireless device and pair to PA15 (this will pair you with the primary speaker)

 How do I turn of the Voice Prompt?

  • Press and hold the PLAY/PAUSE button

 How do I adjust the Volume Limiter?

  • |<< will lower the max volume
  • >>| will raise the max volume

What is the max SD card I can use?

  • 32 Mg

Can I control bass & treble on my guitar?

  • Yes, plug it into one of the two microphone inputs.