For XL2, Sub 8.2, L3 and M3 order - you can view where view where in the production line you are at https://tinyurl.com/DBoxxXL2.   This is updated regularly, so check back.  


Insanity pursues at the DiamondBoxx workshop - all hands on board (seasonal help employed, weekend hours and more). We are in full production mode with the M3s and L3s.  Building as quickly as we can while maintaining the high quality and workmanship that you expect.  

Once your unit is in final production, you will receive a tracking number.  Your unit will then ship within 72 hours.  I am having surgery on my ankle tomorrow - so please don't be impatient if it takes me 24 hour to respond to your email.  I promise it is not being neglected or ignored and I will be back on my computer by Wednesday!    


GOOD NEWS M3 boards are HERE!!!   Model M3s are IN PRODUCTION and all M3 warranties being repaired.  We should have ALL shipped by next Friday.

We will be in production on the L3s and XL2 after that.  



Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Lots to catch up on - but speakers will be shipping SOON!!!  Although I am beginning to feel as if the M3 boards have taken on the personality of Waldo.  Every time we track the package it is somewhere else in the world; they are definitely taking the scenic route.

Batteries should arrive this week (especially as they should have been here last week).  Once those are here we will finish the L3s and the Sub8.2.

The M3 boards will hopefully be here shortly after that and we will get all those built and shipped.  Of course, that is assuming our local supplier of the foam shipping inserts delivers them.

Lastly, we are awaiting for the final panels for the XL2s (they are also coming from a local vendor).   

Because this year hasn't had enough challenges, I managed to trip over my own feet hiking and broke my right ankle & leg, will need surgery and can't drive.  Good times.  I am still handling customer service and overseeing fulfillment, however, response times may be a little slower - but I promise I will get back to you and you are not being ignored.




Boxes are coated in Duratex, handles and feet attached, boards assembled - just waiting for batteries (which are on their way, but until they arrive in customs we will not have an ETA).  Once they arrive we will finish the L3 orders and Sub8.2s.  The M3 Bluetooth board were supposed to be on their way, but there have been delays.  We will hopefully have those in the next week or two.  Once we receive those, all M3 will be completed.  We are also waiting for our packing boxes and foam end caps.

We truly appreciate your patience during all the supply chain delays and challenges we are facing.  


Good morning, we are finishing up our Model L3 production run currently, receiving great feedback on the PASub15s (it appears they were worth the forever wait) and just received our latest personal speaker - the 10TWS.  

UPCOMING - next on the production floor are the Model M3s, followed by a short Sub8.2 run and then the final production run of the XL2s.  As of today, everything will be built and shipped by Christmas.  

Our current bottle necks are we are building faster than our wood box maker is getting us boxes...  we will have 2 pallets of M3 boxes next Wednesday.  We are also awaiting batteries, which could potential halt production for a week.   Will know more soon and will keep the spreadsheet updated.

As always we appreciate your patience and understanding.  


Model L3s are in production and SHIPPING!   Our FedEx driver is less than thrilled with the number of packages.  We should have all Model L3 speakers built and shipped before the end of the month.  

Model M3s to follow and should take approximately 2 weeks to build and ship all orders.


THE PASub15s ARE HERE!!!!!!!! and the first batch of L3 will be shipping Friday!!!!!!



Tuesday, October 5, 2021 5:02 PM
Dear Julie,

Please kindly be advised that we have a delivery for Wednesday 10/6 @  9 AM.

Thank you for shipping with ****!


Wednesday, October 6th - 8:00 AM I have 6 outside workers arrive to help unload the container to ensure we can ship the subs back out today.  Truck is suppose to arrive at 9:00 AM.   No truck at 910 AM - I call to find out which freeway it is sitting in traffic on and ETA (I am paying these 6 guys to sit and do nothing).  


9:47 AM email from shipping company

Good morning Julie,

Please note that I have been informed by my dispatcher that container was unable to be picked up last night from terminal due to container being placed in a CLOSED AREA, which trucker was not notified of.

Therefore, dispatcher is working on rescheduling terminal pick-up. I will advise once I have that information and reschedule delivery.

We do apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!




I am printing labels today and tomorrow and they will ship Wednesday.

We are finishing all the XL2 orders and will be shipping this week, we are waiting for chargers (they are in California, just waiting to clear customs).  Production has begun on the Model L3 and they will start shipping this week as well,  



PASub15 Update - Please be advised that container is still on vessel which is pending Berthing.

At this time, terminal does NOT have a scheduled time for vessel berth. We will continue to monitor and advise once available. Thanks!


Good news -  all Sub8.2 orders placed prior to Sept 1st have been shipped, and all XL2 placed before September 1 will ship by the end of next week, potentially sooner.  

This is the first 3 hours of my day today, hard to answer questions when I can't access information...    


Watching the news and it appears the port is getting worse instead of better...  We are still suppose to get our container on Sept 30th but check back as I will update as we receive them.  

LA Ports Still Clogged With Cargo Imports


Floating traffic jam at California ports sets record




TGIalmostF - and some good news.  

  • PASub15th will be shipping on September 30th (assuming all goes as promised).
  • We are finishing up the production run of XL2s, everyone should have theirs before the end of the month.  We were slowed down as our wood boxes which are delivered weekly were delayed by a few weeks (they come from AZ, but due to a wood shortage, production was temporarily halted).     
  • We have hired an additional technician as well, so the SUB8.2 will be shipping this week and next.
  • We are on track to start production of the L3s the 1st week of October and should have orders filled by October 15th. 
  • M3s should be in production starting mid October.

Just a reminder - you will receive your tracking number when your unit is in final production.  It can take 48-72 hours before it will actually ship.   


In the News

A record-breaking 44 container ships are stuck off the coast of California

Production Updates

XL2s are currently in production and we will be building and shipping Sub8.2 concurrently.

L3s will start in 2 weeks, assuming our boards with our Bluetooth arrive on schedule.  M3s will follow.

PASub15 -  just waiting for their ship - so who knows :(  

XL3 - I get a lot of inquiries on this = short answer - yes, there will be an XL3 - but it will not be release until 2022.  It still has a long way to go as  we try to secure new parts, technology, creating a prototype and more.   


In other news...  we aren't the only ones struggling...

"GM to cut North American production, citing chip shortage

The largest U.S. automaker will halt production next week at its Fort Wayne plant in Indiana and its Silao plant in Mexico, both of which build pickup trucks. In total, GM is cutting production at eight North American assembly plants in September.

The industry-wide chip shortage is causing massive auto production cuts around the globe and auto industry officials say the problem is getting worse."  ~Reuters 9/2

I am happy to say we are still in production (may be behind schedule just a wee bit, but we are here).  Very thankful for Juan & Tony for not only being brilliant engineers, but for being innovative and adaptable.  Implementing new technology so that we can keep providing top notch speakers. 


Nothing like walking in at 7:00 am to see that the 12 XL2s that were packed and ready to ship are still sitting on the loading dock.   Once again, FedEx "forgot" to pick up, even though we pay for daily pick-ups. 

7:05 am   Call FedEx - phone tree option - regarding scheduled pickup - they then put me through to a tree with no appropriate options and won't put me through to customer service.  Get disconnected

7:11 am  Call FedEx again, click different option hoping to get through to someone - instead "we are sorry, that's not an option"  click

7:18 am Call FedEx again - SUCCESS - a real person - finally - "I'm sorry that's not my department, I'll transfer you", "thank you for calling FedEx, please take part in our survey"  "Good Bye"

7:42 am  After much searching found local FedEx phone number.   They don't open until 8:00 am...  

I may cry...  good times... 

AUGUST 31st 

Good morning, another fun day in California...  day started off with misplacing my office keys - always a good time as I open the office.  This of course delayed my first cup of coffee...  Good news - several parts we have been waiting on arrive today.  XL2s are back in production and shipping.  Bad news the PASub15s have been delayed a week.   


9/08/2021 (LGB) à 9/14/2021 (LGB)

They are now arriving in Long Beach on the 14th.  Once they arrive, they need to clear customs and hop on a truck to Camarillo.  This normally take 7-10 days.  We will keep you posted.  

UPDATED Estimated Ship Dates for XL2, SUB8.2, L3 & M3

You can see where you are in the production line and estimated ship date at https://tinyurl.com/DBoxxXL2.   Please note there are 4 tabs - click on the model you ordered for your list.  Orders are noted as first initial first name, first 3 initials last name, dash, last 2 digits of your order number. 

i.e. Julie Freedman, order #7254 you would search JFre-54

These dates are updated daily as we are hiring additional technicians (which will speed it up) and potential unforeseen delays.. 


For those of you who are just now joining the circus…  I am Julie, I handle customer service and fulfillment for DiamondBoxx. The best way to reach me is via email info@diamondboxx.com as I am usually running around.  If you call, please leave a message.  We are in California, so remember it’s earlier here - so when you are calling from New York at 8:00 am, it’s only 5:00am here and I am just pouring my first cup of coffee… 

I also want to say THANK YOU for everyone's patience and understanding - I promise you will get your speaker and I am sure you will love it and forget how long you had to wait.

RECAP:  Here is a recap of the past 18 months.  Spring 2020 – California in lockdown – all employees sent home.  Midsummer returned to work and built and shipped units until Bluetooth inventory was depleted.  The chips had been ordered and paid for at the end of 2019 are MIA.  Spring 2021 there is worldwide Bluetooth shortage, and our Bluetooth may or may not ship until 2022.  No Bluetooth, no speakers.  Let staff go as there is no work until we receive parts.  New Bluetooth found and purchased.  Oh wait, it is 5.1 so needs new software to program it, new software requires learning a new programming language. Tony jumps fence at kids soccer game, breaks ankle and leg in multiple places requiring surgery and a wheelchair.   Chips programmed, but do not fit current pcb boards.  Chips sent to factory Sub 8.2 & XL2 boards made – shipped back.  Customs sends back the XL2 boards (who knows why).  Sub8.2 in production and all backorders and some new orders built and shipped.  XL2 boards finally arrived and are now in production.  One of our techs moves out of the area – trying to find replacement and additional employees – no one interested in working.  Current staff is working overtime and weekends to build XL2s. 


In stock and shipping


We were in full production of the XL2 and started shipping - but the additional chargers were delayed, finally arrived but the 4 pin connectors that we ordered from a local company arrived the same day, but even the box said 4 pin - they were 3 pin ones inside.  They shipped the new connectors to us and we will hopefully have them Monday.  We have continued to build units so they will be ready to ship once we receive the right part.  The handful of orders that received tracking, your unit is built and will be the first to ship.    

You can see where you are in the production line and estimated ship date at https://tinyurl.com/DBoxxXL2.   These dates are updated daily as we are hiring additional technicians. 


These speakers love to party, so much so they got kicked off the first boat they were supposed to cruise on.  They luckily found another one and are on their way here - hopefully they aren’t too loud and get through customs without any issues.  If all goes as planned (and we know it won’t) they will be arriving in Camarillo around the 15th of the month.  We will have all labels printed and they will ship the same day.  

Just received notice that our container has been delayed.  Not only do you have to wait another week, it also means much higher tariffs for us :(   New estimated ship date is 09/20/2021


9/08/2021 (LGB) à 9/14/2021 (LGB)



We will be starting a 2nd production run on the SUB8.2s once the XL2s are completed.  If there are no more unforeseen delays, this should be the last week of September. 


The Bluetooth boards are in production and should be back here by the end of September.  Our wood boxes are also in production and we should start receiving them mid September.  We are planning to have all L3s built and shipped within the first 2 weeks of October.


Production on these will follow the L3s.  Will have all those units shipped by the end of October.