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L3 300 Watts RMS 8.5 inch DVC woofers

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Loud Clear Wireless Sound Anywhere You Want It

Our most popular model, loud clear sound with huge bass in a more portable package size than our XL3

Wireless True Stereo Sound.  Dual 8.5" DVC woofers and 4" bass port for bass you can feel as well as hear.  120dB loud. Anywhere, anytime, no electricity needed.

With its built-in 6 channel Class A/B hi-fi 300 Watt RMS (600W Max) amplifier in a tri-amped arrangement with active crossovers it provides the best sound possible in the lightest package with the longest battery life. 

With its massive aluminum front panel serving as the amplifier's heatsink, it is made to play FULL BLAST all day on a hot day without skipping a beat.  The included big and lightweight 231Wh battery can play music for up to 26 hours and it can play while charging for indefinite playtime. 

The L3 is the biggest value in our lineup and for most people it is more than enough sound to get in trouble with your neighbors.  Search youtube for many independent reviews.

The Specifications 

Size- 23 x 14.5 x 9.5 inches 

Bluetooth- Bluetooth 5.1 aptX HD  

Woofers- Dual 8.5 inch Aluminum Cone 

Tweeters- 1 inch Titanium Dome 

Amplifier Power- 300 Watts RMS , Max 600W 

Frequency Response- 38Hz - 22kHz  @+/ -3dB 

Peak SPL 120dB @ 1 meter 

Weight- 32lbs 

Internal Battery - 24 Cell Li-ion 16.8V 15,600mAh (231Wh)

Play time on single charge (231Wh battery)  5-26 hours

0% - 100% charge time with 2A charger (231Wh battery) 8 hours

0% - 100% charge time with 4A charger (231Wh battery) 4 hours

0% - 100% charge time with optional 7A charger (231Wh battery) 2.5 hours

The L3 can play music WHILE charging for infinite play time

Included Items:

DiamondBoxx Model L3 

Lithium Ion Battery Charger 

3.5 mm stereo audio cable 

User manual 

The Fun 

Proudly Made in USA   


Returns are accepted within 14 days of receipt of product. Product must be returned in NEW condition.  Customer is responsible for shipping charges and insurance in sending the product to DiamondBoxx.

L3 User Manual

Deep, Real Bass
Made Eco Friendly
Loud Clear Undistorted
Full Spectrum Stereo Sound


Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
You won't regret this purchase.

I have 2 L3's that I use outside in a 20 x20 pavilion, I have since added the sub but will stick to the L3's for this review. I love music and we have parties on a property that we own in WV on top of a MTN on 70 acres. We can blast as loud as we want there are no neighbors. Before the L3's I was wasting my time with smaller paired speakers (JBL / Bose) and sadly didn't know something like Diamondboxx even existed until a year or so ago. The speakers came via UPS and I had no issues with delivery or set up. Once set up all I can say is wow! Compared to what I used to listen to these are night and day better. Loud, crisp and huge base. I never write reviews but these speakers deserve one. Once the L3's are on, everyone is up and moving - you seriously can't stop moving. Everyone that has experienced these 2 L3's paired with the TWS system on the speakers are truly blown away and full of questions about how can I get one. I can't even imagine how good the larger ones sound, but I'm sure it's off the hook.

Javier Liera
I didn’t get my order

Hi, I sent an email to you guys like 2 weeks ago about my order but I never got a response back so I forgot about it until I got this email. I wish I could rate it 5 starts but I haven’t heard the L3 in person yet. If nothing can be done about it well that would really suck but if I get the option of a refund or replacement I would rather choose the replacement because I’ve been wanting an L3 for almost a year now and I was so excited when I placed my order. I hope we can figure this all out and come to a conclusion.

Justin Langston
Nice speaker but..

I received the last cherry l3 they had in stock but was disappointed in the finish there’s definitely appearance issues that’s noticeable on all corners hopefully there’s someway to fix it

Joseph Carpio
Joe from Connecticut

Received my Diamond Box and was immediately blown away.The look (I was luckily able to get it in cherry red before they discontinued the powder coding) The sound quality was amazing and the clarity was incredible.Like Floosy Carter states in his review take that 1000.dollars and get yourself one .Thank you DiamondBoxx you have a fan for life.

Disappointed with L3

I have had an XL2 for four years now and I thought the L3 would be a cool addition. Unfortunately the L3 was a big disappointment. The L3 has very little bass out put and if you turn up the bass knob it will distort like crazy and really sound like crap. They actually mention this might happen if the bass is turned up and you play it at high volume. I can confirm it will happen and if you have bass heavy music playing it will sound like trash. Now days Diamondboxx has solid competition from company’s like JBL and Soundbox. I actually compared the L3 to the JBL 110 I have and I found the JBL to actually sound better with some music. The JBL definitely has better bass output. So yes, I will be sending back my L3 and I have to advise strongly against this speaker from Diamondboxx. It is such a shame they sell this product at $999. It simply is not worth the money. The L3 needs a complete redesign to be competitive with today’s market.