Anthony Damore

Hi everyone, we are diligently tracking the final piece of raw materials we need to build the Model M.  We were expecting this delivery today but it has been delayed another couple of days due to high traffic with FEDEX.   The revised tracking is indicating our components  (the amplifier circuit board) should arrive on Monday, Aug 22nd.  With this we can start putting them together and shipping!!  All Model M orders placed this month should ship out next week.  Also we will be updating the site with pictures of the Red panel Model M tomorrow as we pick these up from our laser shop.  Stay Tuned, Model M is sure to be one of the best bluetooth speakers available, and possibly the loudest battery powered speaker of its size and weight.  At a mere 10 lbs it is possible to take it anywhere.  For those who haven't placed your order yet, there are still a few more coupon codes to use up for the presale.  Use code "MODELMPRESALE"


Thanks for your patience 


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