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XL3 600 Watts RMS 6x5.5 inch woofers dual titanium dome tweeters

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The only wireless speaker you will ever need.  Built to last and built to blast.  Real Loud. Real Bass.  Real Amplifiers. Real Speakers.  

Wireless True Stereo Sound, with adjustable stereo width control.  Six electrically and mechanically hand-matched 5.5" woofers and a 4" bass port for bass you can feel as well as hear.  122dB loud.  Powerful 16.8V 20,100mAh Lithium battery.  Your playlist amplified anywhere, anytime, no electricity needed.

Built-in 600 Watt RMS (1000W Max) Class A/B 10 channel high fidelity amplifier in a tri-amped or bi-amped arrangement (mode dependent) with 2-way or 3-way active crossovers and analog signal processing for the best sound possible in the lightest package with the longest battery life, and ZERO LATENCY inputs for video use. 

With its massive aluminum front panel serving as the amplifier's heatsink, it is made to play FULL BLAST all day on a hot day without skipping a beat. 

The Specifications 

Size- 28 x 19 x 12 inches 

Bluetooth- Bluetooth 5.1 aptX HD, TWS 

Woofers- 6 x 5.5 inch Aluminum Cone 

Tweeters- 4 x 1 inch Titanium Dome 

Amplifier Power- 600 Watts RMS , Max 1000W 

Frequency Response- 35Hz - 22kHz  @+/ -3dB 

Weight- 45 lbs. 

Internal Battery- 16.8V 20,100mAh (300Wh) Lithium ion 

Playtime on single charge 5-26 hours

Battery Life- Over 1000 recharge cycles (all sizes)

0% - 100% charge time with 7A charger 4 hours

The XL3 can play music while charging.  


XL3 Stereo Expander Operational Description 


The King of all Bluetooth Boombox, the Model XL3.  But don't take our word for it, check out this review video by Flossy Carter. 



Included Items 

DiamondBoxx Model XL3 

7A Lithium-Ion Battery Charger 

3.5 mm stereo audio cable 

User manual 

Proudly Made in USA   




Please note that ALL new Model XL3 will have Bluetooth 5.x and will not connect via True Wireless Stereo (TWS) with older versions of the XL2 or other first or second generation DiamondBoxx products.  They can still be linked via cable.  


XL3 Owner's manual 

Deep, Real Bass
Made Eco Friendly
Loud Clear Undistorted
Full Spectrum Stereo Sound


Customer Reviews

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Missed the Mark.

The weight of this unit makes it an absolute unrealistic option for portability. It states on the box that it is a two man lift for shipping, and once unboxed, it remains almost unmanageable to move to consider it a truly portable speaker. That being said the build quality is top notch, but to be honest, I've heard better sound for less money. The bass is either completely over baring in what sounds to me as a very muffled droning sound, or you have to turn on the loudness mode, which almost completely kills the bass altogether. So in either mode I find myself unsatisfied with the sound quality. Don't get me wrong, it is a good loud sounding speaker, but at this price point, I was expecting an amazing sounding speaker. I was also disappointed that they didn't send me the correct charger for the unit, placing a card in the box with a IOU for the correct charger, but with no date when to expect the correct one, again something I wouldn't expect to be dealing with when purchase something at this caliber. All in all the jury is still out on this unit, I haven't had a lot to time to use it in an outdoors situation, so I will wait to see what people think about it as a mobile Bluetooth solution.

Burtris Beard

I already have XL2 so I knew what to expect and I wasn’t disappointment. This thing looks and sound great. I love the new equalizer.

Nick Clark
Love it

Best bt audio available. Can’t go wrong with DiamondBoxx

Robert Bader

XL3 600 Watts RMS 6x5.5 inch woofers dual titanium dome tweeters

Ken Cooley
XL3 Bluetooth Speaker

This is one bad ass speaker. I started with a L3 and moved up to a XL3. This thing absolutely JAMS! If you love your music loud and clear with deep bass this speaker is highly recommended. There’s a big difference (not in loudness) in clarity and bass output from the L3 that I partially credit to the added EQ. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is issues with Bluetooth connectivity, it’s easily disconnected with a call or other devices and have to power down and reconnect. The engineering, design and concept behind this speaker is second to none, it’s not cheap however have learned in my life that you get what you pay for. Keep up the good work DiamondBoxx!