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XX4 (The Double X) PREORDER for April 2024

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Tony D'Amore hides out in his lab for a year and quietly reinvents the boombox that started the boombox revival. 

But first a little history..

Back in 2008 while attending ASU, Tony was underwhelmed by the sound systems at college parties, especially the pool parties.  At parties like the one below, you need big sound to power through the noise.

He and a friend made a pair of these to supply music at the events they attended.

Tony took it to a lot of parties and it always brought the fun. The party rockers would often tell him "You should make these and sell them." 

Fast forward to 2014 when he and best friend and business partner, Juan Rodriguez
started a company and dropped the original DiamondBoxx Model L shown below. 

This is 2014, Venice Beach CA.  The skaters loved it.  You may have seen similar marketing today from other companies, guess they loved it too. 

Now for our 10th Anniversary we want to send it harder than Tony did back in college.  The game has changed since then and we are on top of it.

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We are excited to announce the first-ever XX DiamondBoxx.  We call it the XX4.  It is the first member of our 4th generation of product.   

Loud Clear Wireless Sound Anywhere You Need It

Built-in subwoofer consisting of Four 8.5" rare-earth, neodymium magnet DVC subwoofers with 600 Watts RMS just for the subs.  Place this speaker on the ground and near a wall and you'll be rattling windows.

Two dedicated 8.5" midrange drivers with their own 120 Watts RMS amplifier.

Two brand new high-output neodymium tweeters with active magnet cooling, also with their own 80 Watts RMS amplifier

12 amplifier channels in total.  No muddy mids when the subs are hitting, clear highs always, and true discrete Left and Right amplifier channels for a wide soundstage projection.

The XX4 is a big, powerful, wireless, battery powered speaker system.  While big and massive, it is loud enough to replace a pair of dj speakers, an amp, a subwoofer and a bluetooth receiver, and do it all without needing to plug in to AC power.  It can play very loud with very deep bass, clear vocals and highs, on battery power for up to 26 hours on a single charge.

XX4 Stereo Expander Operational Description 

A total of 186 surface mount LEDs used in the gorgeous VU meters that are a throwback to Tony's original college speaker.  These are a trademark of Tony D'Amore's designs, seen here and on D'Amore Engineering's super high end car audio amplifiers as well as on some products he designed in the past. 


The Specifications 

Size 35.5 x 24 x 11.5 inches (including feet, handle, and knobs)

Bluetooth- Bluetooth 5.1 aptX HD with TWS 

Subwoofers- 4 x 8.5 inch NEO DVC 

Midwoofers- 2 x 8.5 inch NEO high output wideband

Tweeters- 2 x 1 inch dome, horn loaded NEO

Amplifier Power- 800 Watts RMS , Max 1200W 

Frequency Response- 32Hz - 22kHz  @+/ -3dB 

Weight- 65 lbs. 

Internal Battery- Lithium Ion 300 Wh, protected

Max Voltage- 16.8V  

Battery Life- Over 1000 recharge cycles 

Charging time (0-100%)  about 5 hours w/ 16.8V 7A charger   


Included Items 

DiamondBoxx Model XX4 

7A Lithium-Ion Battery Charger 

3.5 mm stereo audio cable 

User manual 

Proudly Made in USA   


XX4 Owner's manual 

Free Shipping in Cont. US
Made Eco Friendly
Loud Clear Undistorted
Full Spectrum Stereo Sound


Customer Reviews

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Amazing sound quality, made in USA

I went down many rabbit holes looking for the best bluetooth speaker out there, and purchased the XL2 (before the XL3 was available). I am so VERY happy with my purchase! The highs are beautiful and balanced, the mids and lows are present and offer a ton of fun at parties. We played this at my wedding and a bunch of music professionals were gathered around admiring the clarity amd response of the XL2 boombox. One has since used it for clearing up his mixes! Overall amazing product. Thank you Tony and team!

Robert Slaughter
The Best!!

I have found DiamondBoxx products to be the Best sounding on the Market and are a Work of Art in build and sound!!