3rd Generation DiamondBoxx product is the best yet

3rd Generation DiamondBoxx product is the best yet

Have you heard a DiamondBoxx lately?  It's been almost 10 years since we came to market with our original Model L bluetooth boombox speaker.  When we introduced this in 2014, a Google search of "bluetooth boombox" would return ZERO results!  That is wild because today we have many competitors.  As such we are continually improving our product offering.  We are now on our 3rd generation of products. Compared to the original Model L, the new L3 has a more powerful amplifier, a more powerful battery, a stiffer wood enclosure, bigger woofers, a higher end bluetooth solution with wireless pairing of a 2nd DiamondBoxx, bass and treble controls, 2 Aux input jacks, larger bass port and stiffer aluminum panel.  The L3 sits in the middle of our 3rd gen lineup between the smaller M3 and the King of all bluetooth speakers the XL3.  Come give them a look.

Tony D'Amore


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