Model XL update 3/21/2017

Anthony Damore

All of the testing of the last prototype has been completed!  We have reduced resonances of the aluminum heatsink and the enclosure to the point of being irrelevant.  We have done tuning of the onboard analog signal processing for both the EQ and the distortion limiter. 

We have also re-tuned the resonant frequency of the enclosure by removing 1 bass port and adjusting port lengths.  We have also eliminated the problem where the DiamondBoxx XL would walk across the floor by itself!

The final result is usable in-room response below 40Hz, a maximum output of 120dB.  Finished weight has increased slightly to 40 lbs (18.5kg) due to increased bracing of the aluminum panel and wood enclosure, and the steel pole mounts. 

We have ordered production quantities of the amplifier circuit boards, speaker drivers, aluminum panels, shipping boxes, and dozens of other parts required to build them.  We are expecting these parts to start arriving over the next 2 weeks.  At which time we will be building like crazy elf-audiophiles and shipping them out in the order we received the orders.  (Some of you have been patiently waiting and we love you for it, THANK YOU!)

- Tony D'Amore

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