TOP 10 Reasons DiamondBoxx is the BEST

Posted on 05 October 2016

10. EASY No software updates, ever.

9. LIGHT No heavy lead-acid battery inside - we use the newest generation Li-ion cells

8. SMART No heavy, old fashioned iron magnet speakers - we use modern Neodymium drivers

7. TIGHT No plastic - we use the best quality materials - aluminum, MDF, leather, titanium

6. TOUGH All models are finished in a DuraTex™ weather resistant finish for long life

5. CLEAR Best sounding highs! - We use real titanium dome tweeters not paper cone or piezo horn

4. BASS Best sounding lows! - We use real aluminum cone woofers with a low resonant frequency

3. BEAST Best sounding amplifier! Hi-Fi Class A/B amplifier (4 of them) one for each driver

2. PORTABLE DiamondBoxx Model M or L are the lightest portable speakers (for their power) on the market

1. POWER Highest power and no distortion thanks to its awesome electronics, all designed in America

With love,

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